The product range from our three business areas is inextricably linked to a broad spectrum of certifications. The associated effort and costs are often shied away from, which is why we would like to highlight their importance and often basic prerequisite for certain target markets today.

What is certification?

Certification for a specific management system or product is binding proof that a company complies with procedures in accordance with formal requirements. The requirements are derived from standards, the correct application of which is checked at regular intervals by testing and monitoring institutes or by a customer in audits. At the end and after any subsequent improvements, a certificate with a certain validity is issued.

In times of global markets and increasingly complex company processes, the benefit of certification is standardized and comparable proof of certain processes that a customer would often not be able to understand in detail, but can instead rely on the standard achieved. The certificate thus reduces costs for the customer and creates certainty when deciding on the product.

What certificates does Witte have?

In addition to the relevant ISO 9001 with requirements for a quality management system and ISO 14001 for an environmental management system, this also applies to our self-adhesive products, e.g. ISO TS 16949, which specifies special requirements for the automotive industry. In addition, the Plusprint® division is also UL-certified and therefore fulfills the requirements for labels for the North American market.The security printing of e.g. government stamp stickers or vehicle registration documents for authorities in the Safemark® division would not be possible without auditing and authorization by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), the international Intergraf and TÜViT and the associated compliance with safety standards for the production environment and facilities.

Last but not least, so-called CoP (“Conformity of Production”) tests are also required in the area of warning signs and foils (Plusguide®) as part of the type approval process for vehicle parts by the German KBA or the French UTAC, to name just a few of our certifications.

Confidence-building and market entry opportunities, but also the potential sometimes revealed by the audits, are valuable and indispensable assets for our continuous improvement and our quality promise and therefore for you, our customers.