Our core competences: Marking

laseretikett tankdeckel - Marking
Banklabel - Marking
landmaschine - Marking
typenschilder proxxon - Marking
UV Lumineszenz - Marking
Kfz Plakette witterung - Marking
typenschilder collage - Marking
Feinstaub Plaketten 908x533 - Marking
Handy auslesbar - Marking
laseretikett tankdeckel - Marking
Difficult subsurface
We provide special solutions for special surfaces
laseretikett tankdeckel 127x137 - Marking
Banklabel - Marking
If an attempt is made to remove our stickers, they are irreversibly destroyed.
Banklabel 127x137 - Marking
landmaschine - Marking
Type plates and warning boards for commercial vehicles
landmaschine 127x137 - Marking
typenschilder proxxon - Marking
Extremely adhesive type plates
typenschilder proxxon 127x137 - Marking
UV Lumineszenz - Marking
Visible / invisible security features
Certain features can only be made visible with special decoders such as UV lamps.
UV Lumineszenz 127x137 - Marking
Kfz Plakette witterung - Marking
Our labels remain stable under any environmental influence.
Kfz Plakette witterung 127x137 - Marking
typenschilder collage - Marking
Extremely adhesive
Labels simply have to stick for certain applications... regardless of what happens.
typenschilder collage 127x137 - Marking
Feinstaub Plaketten 908x533 - Marking
Depending on the application, our labels are post-inscribable
using thermal transfer or with document printers.
Feinstaub Plaketten 127x137 - Marking
Handy auslesbar - Marking
Electronically readable
With a Smartphone, barcode scanner or special reader.
The data is electronically available immediately.
Handy auslesbar 127x137 - Marking

Your demands are our challenges!

Print markings can be found everywhere in everyday life. Every industry has its specific requirements for the quality of the marking.

This is exactly where our core competence lies in the “marking” area: we provide our customers with individual solutions which are exactly coordinated with the respective application area. With us, you will find solutions for the following requirements:

  • Challenging surfaces
  • Visible / invisible security features
  • Weather resistant
  • Strong adhesion
  • Residue-free removal
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Different temperature requirements
  • Post-inscription possible
  • Photoluminescent
  • Forgery proof
  • Copy-proof
  • Can be read electronically
  • Verifiable
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