Certi Trust® – the digital security feature

Networking of digital and original
More than just a label
The code is read out using an app or a web site
One example - the authentication check

All information about the product

Product authentication and more

Our solution provides:

  • Product information can be retrieved anywhere, at any time and from any device.
  • For global challenges you need a global solution (industry and manufacturer-encompassing).
  • We can provide you with a complete system (for product protection, sticker manufacturing and much more).
  • Value-added services can be variably adapted.
    • Customer loyalty programmes, track & trace, E-commerce and much more…

You’ve clearly got the advantage with Certi Trust®

  • Well-tried, high-performance IT infrastructure (Movilizer)
  • Based on globally distributed standards (GS1)
  • Role-based functions for depicting different use cases
  • Easy integration in company infrastructures and processes
  • Industry-encompassing service platform (not just IAM & technical industries)
  • Flexible software components for generating value-added services (VAS)

What is special about Certi Trust®?

Certi Trust® is industry-encompassing:

  • A system for internal and external applications
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and end consumers all benefit from a uniform solution
  • Manufacturer-specific security features can be integrated
  • Employees can access differentiated information by logging in

verschiedene Branchen

Certi Trust® as a central entry point:

  • In an industry and manufacturer-encompassing service platform
  • For the digitisation of role-specific processes
  • On the basis of sequentially marked products
  • For authenticity checking, advertising campaigns and also manufacturer-specific value-added services (VAS)
  • Usable anywhere, at any time and with any terminal device

How Certi Trust® works

  1. Product serialisation
  • Unique GS1-DataMatrix Code on products and/or packaging: 1 item = 1 serial number

  1. Authenticity checking
  • Scan via Certi Trust® App
  • Immediate check result
  • Manufacturer notified about dubious products


  1. Value-added services
  • Different users (user groups) are associated with specific rights and roles

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