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The PIN number of an EC card or credit card permits cashless payments. For this reason, secrecy is a crucial factor.

The safest way is the transfer of information via post. Therefore, it must be ensured that this information is not viewed by unauthorised persons.

Witte safemark® provides a wide range of PIN/PUK labels to guarantee PIN number protection.

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PIN/PUK label | safemark®
Protect your data with our reliable PIN/PUK labels! These two-layered labels reliably cover your PIN or PUK. As well as the scratch-off system and the peel-off solution, other security features can be used.
Closure seal | safemark®
Our closure seals clearly show manipulation or non-permissible opening of packaging (primary or secondary packaging). Additional security elements also help you to detect copies immediately.
Adhesive document seal | safemark®
Give your document additional protection from forgeries and misuse! Copiers have no chance with our SecuRasta® document seals (DKS)!
Product and brand protection | safemark®
Product and brand protection is more important than ever because of globalisation. We would be pleased to advise you and provide you with an overview of the implementation options.