Under the conditions of digital transformation, sales, customer retention and new customer acquisition have changed massively in recent years. Many a business trip or cold call has given way to ideally coordinated and tactful accompaniment of contacts (leads) acquired at trade shows or online, for example – a development that requires particularly close interaction between marketing and sales.

Therefore, a pressing question is how both can align themselves optimally in times of constant information flow, virtual work environments, customer journeys, social media, newsletters, e-commerce and lead generation and bring the buying process to success hand in hand.

Against this background and as a tie-in to thematically related workshops, we completed the “Digitalization in Sales” training last week. Thanks to the many years of experience of trainer Norbert Schuster, who as a true expert on pre-digital B2B sales and today’s digital expert, speaker and author of several books advises many companies on digital strategies, Witte marketers and sales colleagues put their heads together productively last week and worked out measures for our target markets of government, industry and retail.

The core of the training was to learn methods for using modern software to provide potential customers with content that delivers helpful information for their questions and “pain points” and to show our solution paths. Through this approach, customers find their way to Witte and vice versa, after both have already learned in advance that our product suits them.

Witte-Workshop - Digitalisierung im Vertrieb - Gruppe Behörden
Witte-Workshop - Digitalisierung im Vertrieb - Gruppe Handel