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Kreditkarten - Card manufacturers Kreditkarten 90x90 - Card manufacturers
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The secure transfer of information is decisive, and numbers and number sequences may only be visible to the correct recipient, for which reliable protection is required.

Witte safemark® PIN/PUK labels made from high-performance film/foil act as covering and are applied onto the relevant number/letter combination using machines.

This is the guarantee of manipulation-proof passing on of information. We can adapt design specifications and the security level in a variable way by means of our wide range of PIN/PUK labels.

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Products for card manufacturers (telecommunication and banks)

PIN Rubbeln Brief 300x176 - Card manufacturers
Protect your data with our reliable PIN/PUK labels! These two-layered labels reliably cover your PIN or PUK. As well as the scratch-off system and the peel-off solution, other security features can be used.
Individuelle Planung 300x177 - Card manufacturers
We provide solutions for your product and your challenge. Starting with the idea, we also accompany you in an advisory capacity when manufacturing is complete.
Original 300x176 - Card manufacturers
Product and brand protection is more important than ever because of globalisation. We would be pleased to advise you and provide you with an overview of the implementation options.
formstanzteile collage 300x176 - Card manufacturers
Die-cut parts from a wide range of materials and material thicknesses in almost any shape you require (front panels, bump-on, flexible buffer, spacer and many more).