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Zulassungsbehoerde - Licensing authorities Zulassungsbehoerde 90x90 - Licensing authorities
DKS ZB I Schilder - Licensing authorities DKS ZB I Schilder 90x90 - Licensing authorities
FZS Kurzzeit - Licensing authorities FZS Kurzzeit 90x90 - Licensing authorities
Verkehrschild Zulassung - Licensing authorities Verkehrschild Zulassung 90x90 - Licensing authorities
Kfz Plaketten - Licensing authorities Kfz Plaketten 90x90 - Licensing authorities
Heft rote Kennz - Licensing authorities Heft rote Kennz 90x90 - Licensing authorities
DKS2 - Licensing authorities DKS2 90x90 - Licensing authorities
sp schild pruefmarke - Licensing authorities sp schild pruefmarke 90x90 - Licensing authorities
Formulare - Licensing authorities Formulare 90x90 - Licensing authorities

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We are specialists for the development and production of documents and stickers that are required at your vehicle registration authority.

Our range includes

Products, which are the same in all vehicle registration offices, as well as individual products which already include their authority print and official seal, are part of the standard program for us. Before printing, you receive your custom-made submission for approval.

Upon request, we would be pleased to send you samples of our standard range or our brochures for vehicle registration authorities.

kontakt 300x206 - Licensing authorities

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Products for registration authorities


DKS2 300x175 - Licensing authorities
Give your document additional protection from forgeries and misuse! Copiers have no chance with our SecuRasta® document seals (DKS)!
Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I 300x176 - Licensing authorities
Of course, the part I registration certificates are adapted to the requirements of Internet-based registration.
Kfz Plaketten 300x176 - Licensing authorities
The labels of the SecuRasta® system show quickly and quickly which vehicles in road traffic are registered.
i kfz www 300x176 - Licensing authorities
Of course, our SecuRasta perfect online® sticker contains all of the legally required security features that are needed for i-kfz.
Heft rote Kennz 300x176 - Licensing authorities
As well as part I registration certificates, all other vehicle documents and booklets which are needed in the registration authority are in our product range.
Dokument Vordruck 300x176 - Licensing authorities
We print documents, blanks forms, forms for any area of administration: Permit, driving permit, driver’s license, parking, public transport, goods transport, shipping, courts and others. We would be please to advice you as to how you can make your documents forgery-proof.
Adressaufkleber Label 300x176 - Licensing authorities
Our non-transferable stickers on vehicles withstand extreme weather conditions. However, our stickers can also be used for documents.
Bewohnerparkausweis Sicherheitsmerkmale 300x176 - Licensing authorities
Our product range extends from passes in the parking concessions area to self-adhesive and forgery-proof passes to permits.