Products for calibration offices

Calibration marks with different colours and designs Calibration marks with different colours and designs
Calibration marks for petrol pumps Calibration marks for petrol pumps
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Forgery-proof document Forgery-proof document
Adhesive document seals Adhesive document seals

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“The calibration law guarantees measuring reliability for measurements in the public interest, and protects consumers and also provides fair competition. In this way, consumers can be sure that water, electricity and gas meters in the house, the petrol pumps at filling stations and the scales in retail businesses are displaying correct measurements …” (From the “Consumer-political report 2008 of the Federal Government”, pg. 36) “

And so that this is evident to everyone, the calibration marks are put onto the relevant devices. Our product range includes calibration marks and test seals, which are forgery-proof and non-transferable.

For the relevant documentation we can also supply you with forms which can be made forgery-proof using various features in order to avoid stolen copies. You can make your document even more secure with the adhesive document seal, which contains your authority impression.

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Products for calibration offices

Calibration marks and test seals | safemark®
Small, but sophisticated! The calibration marks are not usually particularly big, but they are important and have to fulfil certain requirements.
We print documents, blanks forms, forms for any area of administration: Permit, driving permit, driver’s license, parking, public transport, goods transport, shipping, courts and others. We would be please to advice you as to how you can make your documents forgery-proof.
Adhesive document seal | safemark®
Give your document additional protection from forgeries and misuse! Copiers have no chance with our SecuRasta® document seals (DKS)!
Stickers for authorities
Our non-transferable stickers on vehicles withstand extreme weather conditions. However, our stickers can also be used for documents.