… because it is summer and there is a lot of celebrating. On Friday, it was time again for our annual summer party. Beforehand, the management had invited the entire Witte staff to the company meeting and reviewed the first half of the year.

Thanks were expressed to all employees who, contrary to the general crises, continue to create success and steady growth with their joint efforts. Awareness was also raised of the fact that our company is one of the larger players in the German printing industry, which is today continuously modernizing itself in the issues specific to the industry.

With plenty of sunshine and cool drinks, the barbecue buffet was then opened in the afternoon. Traditionally, small and large family members were present, and this time also the Albachten neighborhood, which has always wondered what actually happens on the shielded company premises and thus also followed with interest the company tour through the production.

With foosball, darts, a tombola and discussions about topics beyond the daily work routine, we brought our cheerful summer party to a close. Thank you for the numerous coming and the pleasant company!

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