In Germany, many apprenticeships start on August 1st. Yesterday was no exception for Viviane, Can, and Abdessamad at Witte. Since four Witte employees are also celebrating anniversaries on this special date this year, we took the opportunity to warmly welcome our newcomers to the group of veterans.

Let’s face it: What reflects the high employee satisfaction better than way-above-average service times of 1 x 10, 1 x 20 and 2 x 30 years? In a small ceremony, we were able to get to know “our new employees” while honoring our long-serving ones, with whom we looked back on the previous stages of their careers at Witte.

• Our production manager of industrial printing Karsten Heuer – himself with the company since 1988 – also trained celebrant Melanie Wensing at the time, who now counts a proud 30 years at Witte. Today, he in turn is guiding the new apprentice Abdessamad , making three generations of media technologists screen printing at one table.
• After completing his apprenticeship 30 years ago, André Wixmerten worked for several years in the accounting and human resources departments, and since 2007 has overseen purchasing. As luck would have it, his colleague Katharina Stele is also celebrating her 10th anniversary at Witte today.
• Arthur Zitzer has already worked as a machine operator for many years during his 20 years at Witte and was thus able to take his production-related experience into his current position as head of the cost estimation department.

Thanks to further training, personnel development and a motivating working environment, an apprenticeship started with us can lay the foundation for a wide variety of careers. We were able to share this experience with our new trainees and are excited about the ideas and potential that the young personalities create and bring to our company. A toast to the next 10, 20 or 30 years! Cheers!

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