Environmental responsibility is the order of the day, in addition to compliance with official requirements and obligations arising from environmental standards like ISO 14001. Given that climatic changes can only be influenced positively by our actions, the Witte Technology has taken extensive measures to align various areas of the company towards using resources as sparingly as possible, to reduce emissions while making use of renewable energies:

  1. Mobility
    1. We provide our employees with an attractive e-bike leasing offer that includes a company-owned charging station.
    2. We support our trainees by covering part of the cost of purchasing public transportation
    3. Many of our employees form carpools.
    4. Our vehicle fleet is increasingly switching to hybrid vehicles. The vehicles can be
      charged on company premises. Of course, this offer also applies to our visitors.
  2. Procurement
    We also select our suppliers based on ecological criteria, such as environmental certifications and site proximity. In doing so, we exclude carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic products. Through constant substitution analyses, we pursue the goal of purchasing alternatives for products harmful to the environment or that contain harmful substances.
  3. Production
    1. Over the past five years, our machinery has been successively upgraded with more energy-efficient machines and compressors, while less efficient equipment in terms of consumption has been taken out of service. This has enabled us, for example, to reduce power consumption at our screen washing plant by 55%. In addition, we enable partial heating via the heat recovery of the compressed air-generating compressors.
    2. In our production processes, we are lowering rejects due to technical reasons, reducing
      roll changes and start-up processes.
    3. We are also increasing our use of digital printing in order to be able to produce with significantly less energy.
    4. We are continuously reducing the use of solvent-based ink systems.
    5. We promote the recycling of release liners.
  4. Employees
    1. As a result of our digitalization processes, we hold regular training sessions on environmental protection within the company to raise employee awareness of the need, for example, to drive in a fuel-efficient manner or use paper sparingly. As a result, last year we were able to reduce the amount of copier paper used in our offices by 25%.
    2. Aluminum containers were replaced with organic-based packaging in our cafeteria.
  5. Energy Generation
    For almost ten years, at our Münster site we have been generating 80% of the energy needs with our photovoltaic system. All consumption is evaluated by us via its CO2 equivalent and available to our customers for their product-related environmental balance sheets and lifecycle assessments. Thus, we make an above-average contribution to the use of solar energy.

  6. Use of Our Products
    With our innovative product group of printed electronics we create lean technologies, make conventional electronics that are particularly harmful to the environment, superfluous.

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