In addition to complying with legal and official requirements and the obligations arising from environmental standards such as ISO 14001, environmental responsibility is a top priority for us. Because climate change can only be positively influenced by our joint actions. Witte Technology GmbH takes systematic and sustainable measures to ensure that the company’s divisions use resources as sparingly as possible, reduce emissions and make use of renewable energies.
Ethical, social and ecological guidelines are summarized in the Witte Code of Conduct and serve as an essential guide for our employees in their dealings with partners, interested parties and the tasks of business operations:

The following are current measures that are implemented in close cooperation with all employees as part of environmental protection:

  1. Mobility
    1. We offer our employees an attractive e-bike leasing offer including a company-owned charging station.
    2. We support our trainees by covering part of the cost of purchasing a public transport season ticket.
    3.  Many of our employees form car pools.
    4. Our vehicle fleet is increasingly being converted to hybrid vehicles. The vehicles can be charged on the company premises. An offer that naturally also applies to our visitors.
    5. We offer our employees the opportunity to work from home from time to time, which not only reduces travel time but also the amount of energy required to get to work
  2. Procurement
    We also select our suppliers according to ecological criteria such as environmental certifications and proximity to their location. When purchasing materials, we exclude carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic variants. Through continuous substitution analyses, we pursue the goal of selecting more environmentally friendly alternatives instead of environmentally harmful or pollutant-containing products.
  3. Production
    1. Over the last five years, our machinery has been successively upgraded with more energy-efficient machines and compressors, while at the same time, less energy-efficient systems with significantly higher connected loads have been taken out of operation. In this way, the connected load for cleaning our screens alone has been reduced by over 50%, with a simultaneous reduction in fresh water consumption.
    2. By recovering the compressor waste heat from compressed air generation, we are able to partially heat our buildings and thus use less primary energy elsewhere to operate the heating system.
    3. In our production processes, we reduce technically induced waste through the intelligent use of narrow remaining rolls, reduce roll changes through optimized roll lengths adapted to the product group and a reduced number of start-up processes.
    4. We are increasingly relying on digital printing in order to be able to produce with significantly less energy.
    5. We are continuously reducing the use of solvent-based ink systems.
    6. We promote the recycling of release liners.
    7. We use more environmentally friendly packaging (from the recycling process).
  4. Employees
    1. We conduct regular training courses on environmental protection within the company, e.g. to sensitize our employees to a more fuel-efficient driving style or more economical paper consumption through our digitization processes. Among other things, this enabled us to reduce the amount of copy paper used in the offices by 25% last year. A further reduction is planned.
    2. In our canteen, aluminum containers have been replaced by bio-based packaging so that they can be disposed of in the brown garbage can after use, whereby much more environmentally friendly raw materials were used in their production.
    3. We motivate people to participate in the company improvement suggestion scheme by posting notices and presenting improvements.
  5. Energy Generation
    For almost ten years, the photovoltaic system installed on the buildings has regularly generated almost 80% of the electrical energy required at the site. This means that the site makes an above-average contribution to the use of solar energy.

  6. Use of Our Products
    With our innovative product group of printed electronics we create lean technologies, make conventional electronics that are particularly harmful to the environment, superfluous.

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