Closure seals

Destruction of printed image
Destruction of printed image indicates manipulation
It can be quickly checked whether the packaging has already been opened
Clear - package has not been opened yet
...or whether the bottle/cylinder has already been opened.
Closure seal, also suitable for bottles
Officially sealed
Officially sealed

All information about the product

Non-permissible opening? – No chance!

The Witte safemark® product range includes a wide range of security labels and seals which indicate manipulation or non-permissible opening of packaging. Solutions are available for both primary packaging and secondary packaging.

Falsified Medicine Directive 2011/62/EU, which the European Union has now introduced, is a significant step in the prevention of drug fraud as far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned. You are on the safe side with our closure seals. More information is available for downloading here (only available in German).

Our product range also includes guarantee seals and official seals (governmental seals) such as the ones used by police at crime scene.

The advantages of the safemark® closure seal

Our closure seals can be provided with many security features. Customs can carry out checking in international goods transport by examining these unique features. Furthermore, product-related data can also be stored by attaching appropriate RFID labels – to the extent of full traceability of the delivery chain. Our security labels also protect packages and housings from unauthorised opening, because the closure label is irreversibly destroyed with this procedure. Printed image destruction, the so-called VOID effect, also provides special transfer protection.

No more copying

Watches, jewellery, clothing or fan items – brand name items are required everywhere. The same applies to spare parts such as in the automotive industry. However, copies with substandard quality are often manufactured with supposed brand labels. Our safemark® security labels mark original products with a unique combination of features which are only known to the customer and the supplier. Our security seals are equipped with security features which can otherwise only be found on banknotes.

The security features

The following security features can be incorporated in our security seals:

For a detailed explanation of the specific security feature, please click on the blue “i”.

  • Clear fluorescent colour (UV characteristic)
  • VOID effect
  • Hologram
  • Colour shifting effect
  • RFID Inlays (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • NFC Inlays (Near Field Communication)
  • Consecutive numbering
  • Consecutive barcode
  • 2D barcode/Quick Response Code (QR Code)
  • Microtext
  • Thermochromic colour

The degree of security determines the number and nature of the security features.

Click here to download the Witte safemark® brochure presenting our product portfolio.
Witte safemark® Produkt-Portfolio

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