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Protect brands. Safeguard patents. Guarantee quality.

Since it is becoming increasingly important for participants on the global market to protect their products and research results, protective measures are a decisive step in preserving their primary interests for many companies. What use are patent or brand rights if you have to go through the expensive process of gathering evidence in order to uphold your rights?

This takes up capacity, costs resources and damages your image. Loss of turnover and liability problems can occur.

Our security systems support you so that you can focus on your core competencies.

Forgeries are quickly and easily detected.

  • Our systems can be used as evidence in court.
  • Forgeries are quickly and easily detected and resources can be used elsewhere.
  • We can adapt: If you develop a new product, we will develop the right protection system.
  • You can choose between visible and invisible features.
  • Your corporate identity can be incorporated.
  • Our protection systems can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process.

Clear proof of origin

Witte safemark® brand protection helps to clearly determine the origin of products:

  • Clear authenticity verification of products
  • to protect ideas, licences and patents
  • as proof of origin and brand protection for machinery, devices and original parts
  • as a reliable guarantee of sustainability when purchasing goods which are produced on the basis of quality, environmental and social standards
  • for reliable identification in the event of warranty issues

Your individual label

The company logo is often insufficient for product and brand protection In order to have consistent protection, security features must be incorporated. Witte safemark® has decades of experience in this area and will help you to choose the right security features and technologies. You can see some examples in the following.

For a detailed explanation of the specific security feature, please click on the blue “i”.

  • Guilloche printing
  • Microtext
  • Clear fluorescent colour (UV characteristic)
  • Colour shifting effect
  • Thermochromic colour
  • Special coding
  • VOID effect
  • RFID Inlays (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • NFC Inlays (Near Field Communication)
  • Hologram
  • Security perforation
  • Safeident® (the security feature in the product)
  • Consecutive numbering
  • Consecutive barcode
  • 2D barcode/Quick Response Code (QR Code)

These features can be used individually or also combined.

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Witte safemark® - Product and Brand Protection

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