PIN/PUK security labels – reliably non-transparent

Scratched-off PIN
VOID PIN label for mailings
Different PIN labels for cards
Different PIN labels for cards
The PIN labels can also be equipped with various security features
High security VOID label
Every number is secure here
Bank PIN label

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Security when passing on information

Secret numbers such as PINs and PUKs provide access to important data, facts and functions.

Before the sequence of numbers and/or letters reaches the intended user, it requires reliable protection. These labels conceal the information that is intended for the rightful recipient.

Individual solutions for your application

Be it protecting a PIN on a prepaid card or mailing – Witte safemark® realises individual solutions. As well as the well-known scratch-off label, peel-off labels and high security void labels are available. Combinations of all three groups are also possible.

Secure products for sensitive industries

The security labels are often used in the telecommunication and banking industries. PIN/PUK security labels are used for sending PIN numbers for EC cards, health insurance cards and personal ID cards. The PIN/PUK security labels are also suitable for use in authorities, e.g. for passing on transaction numbers, and also in the lottery business.

We subdivide the PIN/PUK security labels into three different categories:

Scratch-Off Labels
The information is revealed by scratching off the relevant field.

Peel-Off Labels
The information is revealed by pulling off the upper label.

High Security VOID Labels
Security features can be incorporated in these labels.

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