Adhesive document seal for safeguarding your documents

Adhesive document seal with sequential numbering and datamatrix code
Seal and with sequential numbering and 2D code
Registration certificate part I is only valid with the seal of the city

e.g. part I registration certificates

Seal with security colours from SICPA
Seal with security colours from SICPA
Forgery-proof guilloches increase the security level of the adhesive document seal
Non-copyable guilloches confirm authentication

All information about the product

Original or forgery?

A document is only the original if it can be guaranteed that it is forgery-proof and authentic.

Stamps that were easy to copy were previously used to issue and authenticate important documents.

Our forgery-proof adhesive document seals in the SecuRasta® system, on the other hand, are produced using a special manufacturing method that has been developed by us. This ensures that the seals can no longer be forged.

Your advantage – our form of delivery

Our SecuRasta® adhesive document seals are supplied in a practical environmentally friendly storage box.

Our SecuRasta® adhesive document seals are equipped with a flap so that they are easier to apply to the document.

“Is this document really the original?”

The SecuRasta® adhesive document seal makes it possible to protect

  • Registration documents
  • Supplementary or customs documents
  • Certificates
  • References
  • Certificates
  • Delivery notes
  • Car park passes and
  • other important documents

from forgery or misuse and identify them as the original.

The features of the SecuRasta® adhesive document seal

Our SecuRasta® adhesive document seals consist of a wafer-thin self-adhesive substrate, meaning that transfer to another document is ruled out. As well as preventing transfers, the adhesive document seals can contain many security features for checking authenticity depending on requirements.

For a detailed explanation of the specific security feature, please click on the blue “i”.

  • Guilloche printing
  • Microtext
  • Clear fluorescent colour (UV characteristic)
  • Colour shifting effect
  • Thermochromic colour
  • Special coding
  • Consecutive numbering
  • Consecutive barcode
  • 2D barcode/Quick Response Code (QR Code)

These features can be used individually or also combined.

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Our non-foil security marking for the protection of products, packaging and documents.

  • machine dispensable
  • thin as a second skin
  • forgery-proof
  • haptically hardly noticeable
  • better stackable than conventional labels

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