The Witte Technology is a leading industrial and security printing company with 520 employees in Germany and Mexico producing counterfeit- and transfer-proof self-adhesive marking systems, government documents and vehicle safety products.

New developments in the interaction of chemistry, electronics and printing technology have paved the way for our young and trend-setting business area of printed electronics, which has already been continuously expanded since 2017 by an interdisciplinary team of developers, engineers and printing technologists. Thanks to this technology print products are being enabled to register parameters from the physical world and transmit them as data to networks

As a production partner, Witte has upgraded its traditional R2R (roll-to-roll) screen and flexo printing with a fully automated S2S (sheet-to-sheet) cleanroom system since this summer, which enables the processing of a variety of conductive, non-conductive as well as dielectric printing pastes for a wide range of applications in printed electronics. The smallest dirt particles in the environment can impair the quality and function of the products.

Thanks to high-performance drying technology (hot air, IR and UV) over long distances, we are able to manage demanding parameters such as drying time while maintaining tight production speeds. An innovative, fully automated material transport system processes a wide variety of flexible and rigid printing substrates (e.g., PET, PEN, TPU, PI, Kapton, PC and many more) with material thicknesses from 50 µ to 3 mm free of micro-scratches. The production is completely under clean room conditions, thus enabling production of the finest conductive structures (< 50 µ) for your applications.

To turn printed electronics into a complete product, we offer precise laser cutting, laser engraving as well as punching. The application of adhesives for the production of a self-adhesive product is also technically possible. The production has also been equipped with a laser system for cutting printed electronic products with dual shuttle table systems. The processing area of the system is suitable for different components or multiple parts up to a size of 1330 x 830 mm. High-precision CCD cameras detect and correct position and scaling deviations. Thus, Witte achieves contour cuts with accuracies in the low hundredth range in the important area of connectors.

With our expertise in materials, printing and finishing processes as well as our modern production capacities, we manage the entire development of an organic printed electronics product, accompanying and supporting you from the product idea through prototype production to industrial series production. Our focus is on particularly flexible, functional printed products.


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