Vehicle stickers

e-mobile stickers
Marking of electrically powered vehicles
Forgery-proof vehicle license plates
Forgery-proof vehicle license plates
Assurance plate for small electric vehicles
Assurance plate for small electric vehicles
General inspection (MOT) stickers
General inspection (MOT) stickers
SP labels and signs for trucks
SP labels and signs for trucks

All information about the product

SecuRasta® – secure stickers for safe vehicles

In Germany there is a round sticker on the rear license plate which indicates when the vehicle is due for an MOT. It can therefore be quickly checked whether the required test took place or not. There are also registration stickers on the front and rear license plates. The vehicle may not be used in road traffic without these stickers. Under certain circumstances, this is possible with an export or short-term sticker.

Our SecuRasta® product range also includes fine dust stickers, and the SP signs and labels for commercial vehicles and buses.

How we deliver

Our SecuRasta® stickers are delivered in practical storage boxes. You receive the stickers on rolls or as individual stickers.

Our packaging systems:

  1. Small tubes
  2. Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging
  3. Practical “snappy” (snap packaging)
  4. On a roll with barcode
Packing units of 50, 200 or 250

Stickers packed in 50, 200 or 250 pieces

Passed the required test?

Stickers are affixed to vehicle or their license plates so that it can be seen that the car is registered or that a legally prescribed test has been successfully passed.

The features of the SecuRasta® stickers

Our product range includes the stickers in the SecuRasta® system. As well as the legally prescribed security features (see FZV §10, Annex 4a) , these have the following additional features:

  • Copy-proofing
  • Forgery proofing
  • Quality and production safety

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Witte safemark® Produkt-Portfolio

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