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RFID-Tag und Etikett werden vereint
RFID-Tag und Etikett werden vereint

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What are RFID tags?

RFID, the abbreviation for “radio-frequency identification”, is a technology that enables information to be transmitted wirelessly via electromagnetic fields. RFID labels are small devices that contain an integrated circuit and an antenna to receive and transmit data. This technology offers significant advantages over conventional identification systems such as barcodes.

Are you looking for RFID labels, RFID tags or complete smart label solutions for your products?

Your expert for RFID complete solutions: Witte plusprint®

Witte plusprint® is your partner for the production of quality products made of all kinds of self-adhesive materials. These products are suitable for almost every conceivable application. Our portfolio includes RFID tags (also known as RFID labels or transponders), nameplates, laser labels, 3D labels, printed electronics and die-cut parts. With us, you get a first-class complete program in the field of RFID solutions, where RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. This includes individual RFID tags, the associated RFID hardware, including readers and antennas, as well as personal support. Learn more about our extensive expertise!

Our RFID products

  • RFID labels
  • RFID-Tags
  • Smart-Labels
  • Blank-Labels
  • Adhesive inlay

Used frequencies for our products

  • High Frequency (HF 13,56 MHz)
  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF 868-956 MHz)

RFID Aufkleber Anwendungen

Applications of our labels

Our tag solutions are suitable for diverse applications. Our RFID tags, supported by technologies such as NFC and collision avoidance, are proven in areas such as goods tracking, container identification and anti-theft. Laser labels, on the other hand, withstand high temperatures, chemical exposure and mechanical stress.

Advantages of RFID technology

RFID technology, based on the RFID chip, has significant advantages in terms of efficiency, economy and security. It is used in numerous industries such as automotive, food, steel and logistics. This advanced system, which replaces classic barcodes, is ideal for applications such as positioning, identification and inventory control. By investing in state-of-the-art production equipment specialized for RFID, we continuously keep up with the latest technology and can promptly meet individual customer requirements.

Advantages of RFID tags and labels

  • Process reliability
  • Tracking of goods / production
  • Document tracking
  • Container marking
  • Pallet marking
  • Inventory marking
  • Supply chain management
  • Anti-theft

Our exclusive service

Rely on our RFID expertise and enjoy a wide range of services. We aim to be with you every step of the way. Our service offering includes:

  • Customized HF and UHF RFID solutions based on various materials such as paper, PET, PP, PC, PVC.
  • RFID hardware, including readers and antennas.
  • RFID complete solutions & system integration, including RFID middleware.
  • RFID (both active and passive RFID tags) and barcode: Design & production of special solutions.

Features of our RFID and laser labels

Our RFID and laser labels are characterized by special features:

  • Process-safe readout and accurate display of information thanks to EPC.
  • Resistance to chemicals, acids and alkalis.
  • Weather, UV and abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Long-lasting smudge and scratch resistance.
  • Robust and durable materials.
RFID labels printing at Witte Technology

Witte plusprint® as your system supplier

As your system supplier, Witte plusprint® coordinates the individual printing system components required for the production of type labels using thermal transfer printing. This always ensures an optimal complete solution including warranty.

RFID-Technology at Witte plusprint®

The company offers a diverse portfolio in the field of RFID technology. Thanks to these advantages, Witte plusprint® is establishing itself as a market-leading provider of RFID solutions and services.

Key benefits and services

  • Efficient solutions
  • Increase of economic efficiency
  • Increase in safety
  • State-of-the-art production facilities
  • Extensive service program
  • Process-safe readout
  • Chemical resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Wide range of applications
RFID Labels and RFID Tags at Witte Technology

Custom made products

  • high-quality label production according to individual requirements
  • Formats, sizes as well as layout and color design according to customer requirements
  • data carriers based on various materials (paper, PET, PP, PC, PVC)
  • data carriers for gluing on for extreme demands
  • various special adhesives for different surfaces


  • ISO
  • EPC

Frequently asked questions about RFID labels

What does the RFID abbreviation stand for?

RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification,” a technology that uses electromagnetic fields to wirelessly transmit and receive information about objects.

What are the applications for RFID technology from Witte plusprint®?

In sectors such as the automotive, food, steel and logistics industries.

Where can RFID be found in daily life?

RFID technology is widespread in our everyday lives and is used in numerous areas, such as contactless payments with credit or debit cards, public transport, access control to buildings and workplaces, retail for inventory management and theft protection, and in libraries to simplify the borrowing and return of media. Pets are also being RFID microchipped to enable their identification.

What services does Witte plusprint® offer in the area of RFID labels?

Customized label solutions, RFID hardware, system integration and production of special solutions.

What are the quality features of RFID labels from Witte plusprint®?

Among other things, they are weather and UV resistant, chemical resistant and have excellent adhesive properties.

What are the core competencies of Witte plusprint®?

The production of qualitative products from self-adhesive materials, especially RFID labels, and comprehensive system consulting.


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