Labels with back-printing procedure – backprint-it®

Impact and scratch-proof stickers
Impact and scratch-proof stickers
Media-resistant label
Guaranteed to be media resistant
Wipe-proof label
Extremely wipe-resistant

All information about the product

Our backprint-it® label withstands anything!

> Resistant!
To acids, alkalis and chemicals
> Flexible!
Individual selection of film material and adhesive
Back-printed label on a gas cylinder
> Abrasion resistant!
Even with high levels of mechanical stress
> Secure!
Security features can be incorporated if required
> Durable!
Due to protected printed image
> Good adhesion! Outstanding adhesive strength, even on difficult subsurfaces

The film material and the adhesive are individually coordinated with the requirements of our customers at Witte plusprint®.

Many different versions are possible with backprint-it®:

  • Film types: PVC / polyester / polyurethane / polycarbonate
  • Degree of gloss: matt or shiny (depending on type of film)
  • Adhesive: individually coordinated with the respective subsurface

backprint-it® labels are ideal for markings with extremely high demands with regard to abrasion wear resistance and resistance to chemicals.

Typical applications for backprint-it® are:

  • High-pressure cleaners
  • Cleaning machines
  • Refuelling signs
  • Warning signs
  • Gas cylinders etc.

Using this special production method, any printed image that is required is printed onto the back of the film in several layers in accordance with the number of colours using the so-called back-printing procedure. Then the adhesive layer is applied.

What does a label look like if it comes into contact with acid, for example?,

Back-printed label acid smeared Back-printed label backprint-it method
Conventional printing method backprint-it® printing method

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