Passes and exception permits

Parkausweis Behinderte - Passes
EU severely disabled parking permit
Laminierfolie Unterschrift - Passes
Laminating sleeve with punched-out signature box
Bewparkausw Sicherheitsmerkmale engl 1 - Passes
To prevent forgery
Ausweise - Passes
Permits in different colours
Bewohnerparkausweis - Passes
Resident parking
Dienstausweis 908x533 - Passes
Service identification

All information about the product

Calibration marks with different designs and colours…

Our product range includes all parking permits, exception permits, applications, ID card covers, forgery-preventing products for road traffic authorities and public order offices, for example.

  • EU disabled person’s pass
  • Resident’s parking permits
  • Parking permits/exception permits for special groups of disabled persons
  • Parking permits for tradespeople, social services, authority vehicles
  • Exception permits for helmet, seat belt
  • Exception permits acc. to §46 StVO
  • Laminated covers, adhesive covers, protective covers for parking permits
  • Hologram stickers for preventing forgeries

Do you require a document that isn’t listed here? Just talk to us! We are guaranteed to be able to help you with our many years of experience and draw up a quotation for your application.

Overview of your advantages

Prevent forgeries

The misuse of documents by means of unauthorised colour copies is on the increase. In order to prevent illegal copies of these documents from being made, we will equip your documents with various security features.

Please speak to us so that we can find the right solution for your application. We can provide you with the following products simply and at low cost:

Passes for any applications

We will manufacture customised passes

Regardless of whether you inquire as an

  • Authority,
  • Company
  • Housing association or
  • Spa resort,

let us know your requirement and we will provide a quotation.

All documents can be designed with your authority or address impression, individual text and also in the required colours.

We would be pleased to send you our brochure in which we have compiled our entire range.
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Our order form and the forms for specifying the persons who are authorised for ordering and reception in your authority can also be downloaded here.

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