The Witte Group has supported the circus project of the Ludgerusschule (Ludgerus School) in Albachten. The project lasted nine days and included 320 participating artists. The great memories have been captured on a DVD.

“For most participants it will remain a unique experience: Since 2010 the whole Ludgerusschule student body has been breathing circus air during their primary education. Like in many other elementary schools, a circus project is carried out at the Ludgerusschule every four years. For two days, they have been practicing a lot: daring jumps, difficult balancing, clumsy clown performances and stunning magic tricks.” (Excerpt from Westfälische Nachrichten of 12.03.2018)

If you would like to donate to the Ludgerusschule Albachten, please follow this link to be forwarded to the homepage of the funding association.