Our step into the future:
the new Witte Technology.

Dear customers and business partners,

Already some years ago we started to prepare the Witte group of companies for the challenges of the future with a new, common structure.

As of January 1, 2022, the time has come: The previous companies of the group will be merged into one company – Witte Technology GmbH.

For this purpose, Witte plusprint GmbH, Witte plusguide GmbH and DSD Druckerei Staatliche Dokumente GmbH were merged into Witte safemark GmbH – and Witte safemark GmbH was renamed Witte Technology GmbH. As part of the universal succession, all contractual relationships with all rights and obligations will be taken over by Witte Technology GmbH.

For you, this merger provides only advantages. While you will continue to have access to all contact persons and services as usual, the work within the company will become even more transparent and productive. And you will benefit from this intensive cooperation between the business units, because we will be able to respond even faster and more flexibly to your inquiries and requests.

We look forward to our future cooperation and hope that you will be as satisfied with the new Witte Technology as we are.