If Hella Pagid is on it, is Hella Pagid also in it? The packaging of all brake components and accessories from the automotive supplier Hella Pagid has recently been sealed with a high-quality security label from Witte safemark®. The advantage: It reliably indicates that the product has been opened for the first time or intact, and therefore is original.

In addition to a self-destructive label, the seal produced in the value printing plant contains special security features such as microtext or color tilting effects that make attempts at copying or tampering futile. With this counterfeit-proof seal, the Essen-based brake system specialist for the independent aftermarket and joint venture of the automotive suppliers TMD Friction and HELLA is taking action against the risk posed by product piracy that cost the industry billions of euros in claims.

In addition to high economic losses, counterfeit brake components also pose a significant risk of accidents on the road. For this reason, safety-relevant components should only be purchased from certified manufacturers.

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