Vignettes, windscreen labels, car park passes

Self-adhesive parking permit which can be written on later
Self-adhesive permits
3. Licence plate
3. Licence plates with RFID technology
The fine dust stickers are affixed to the windscreen
Fine dust sticker for the windscreen
Self-adhesive permit with special features
Intelligent parking sticker

All information about the product

Vignettes – unique, individual and reliably sealed

Vignettes are mainly stuck onto windscreens. They must be positioned in a clearly visible location and also be clearly legible.

No more manipulation possible

The special sealing technology for our vignette systems prevents vignettes which have already been issued from being forged or being assigned to new vehicles. In the event of a manipulation attempt by removing the vignettes, either the security colours that have been typographically introduced will be destroyed or the entire base material is shredded.

The majority of windscreen labels are vehicle-related. We can also supply person-related vignettes. These are ideal for a variable vehicle fleet – the vignettes stick to the windscreen without falling off using patented Witte safemark® technology. They can also be quickly removed without leaving residue if necessary, meaning that they can be used again in the next vehicle.

For digitalisation reasons, it is vital to have important information available in digital form at all times. Our vignettes/windscreen labels provide this option by means of RFID technology on the basis of electromagnetic waves. Access protocols are written which document everything and make the information traceable. Handwritten notice blocks are no longer needed, which removes a source of errors. Checking can be carried out more quickly because manual entries are no longer required.

You can save time and resources with our solutions.

Quality for a dynamic industry

Vignette systems are mainly used on heavily frequented roads and motorways and on parking areas. They make it quickly evident whether access or usage authorisation exists or not.

The security features

Depending on requirements, the vignette systems that we provide contain numerous authentication features which can be detected through the windscreen:

For a detailed explanation of the specific security feature, please click on the blue “i”.

  • Clear fluorescent colour (UV characteristic)
  • VOID effect
  • Hologram
  • Colour shifting effect
  • RFID Inlays (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • NFC Inlays (Near Field Communication)
  • Continuous numbering
  • Continuous barcode
  • 2D barcode/Quick Response Code (QR Code)
  • Microtext
  • Thermochromic colour

The degree of security determines the number and nature of the security features.

  • Vignettes, Windscreen labels
  • Car park passes

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