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Printer: Toshiba B-EX6
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Printer: Standard TSC MH240, coloured tapes and scanner
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Barcode scanner
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NiceLabel partner software

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plustrans® printing systems from the solution supplier

Witte plusprint® is a printing system solution supplier. The plustrans® brand combines products for auto ID systems such as thermal transfer printers, coloured tapes, film labels, barcode readers, software for designing labels and printing labels, dispensers and RFID components.

Your advantages with plustrans® printing systems

As a system supplier, Witte plusprint® looks after the coordination of the individual printing system components for you which are needed for the production of type plates using thermal transfer printing. Optimum complete solutions are therefore always guaranteed.

The plustrans® printing system:

  • Printing method: Thermal transfer and thermo-direct
  • Printing speeds of up to 300 mm per second
  • Printing widths of up to 215 mm
  • Printing heights of up to 990 mm
  • Resolution of up to 600 dpi
  • Dispensing / cutting / winding labels

The plustrans® labels:

Special types of film are used to manufacture the labels:

  • Polyester (PET)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • with variable adhesives.

The labels can be optionally equipped with additional features:

  • Painting protection
  • Laminate sealing
  • Security features

plustrans® accessories

  • Scanner
  • Software
  • Coloured tapes in different qualities, coordinated with the consumable material.
  • Cleaning kit consisting of:
    • Label removers
    • Cleaning pens
    • Cleaning cloths
    • Clean Swab

Our software partner:

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NiceLabel – solutions for barcode label design and print print productivity

The NiceLabel solutions help customers to optimise their business processes every day using barcode and RFID technology.

As well as label designers, NiceLabel can also provide tools with which dedicated printing solutions can be created very easily. Only dedicated solutions prevent human error and increase productivity.

Reduce the complexity and cost of labelling like hundreds of thousands of companies in all industries – with NiceLabel.

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Create and print barcode labels quickly and without the aid of IT

NiceLabel Designer 2017 - Thermal transfer printers and accessories - plustrans<sup>®</sup>

Create your first label designs today

The NiceLabel Designer provides a familiar, Microsoft Word-like user experience Any user can create professional labels in a flash, without needing previous experience in the barcode area or designer training.

Find out more about label design

Print precisely, uniformly and without mistakes

Label printing with dynamic data is very different from printing other types of document. The labelling system must make it possible for production and warehouse employees to print quickly without mistakes. NiceLabel is delivered with an All-in-one printing screen which makes it possible for users to print labels with precision without any risk of mistakes.

Find out more about mistake-free label printing

Optimise your labelling and increase printing productivity.

Prevent printing mistakes and increase printing productivity.

The real costs in the labelling area are the costs caused by printing mistakes, erroneous labelling and even product recalls or financial penalties. The other costs which should be taken into consideration are labour and training costs. The optimum procedure is one whereby these costs can be reduced to a minimum by means of automation and integration of the label printing in your existing business applications. With manual printing, money can saved by adapting the printing surface to the requirements of users and processes.

Find out how to maximise your printing productivity

NiceLabel Print - Thermal transfer printers and accessories - plustrans<sup>®</sup>

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Manage your entire labelling process and all of your users using maximum printing productivity

Next-generation comprehensive label management system

NiceLabel LMS is a comprehensive next-generation label management system for companies which use a quality management system and for regulated companies. NiceLabel LMS contains everything that you need to standardise, centralise and control your labelling.

NiceLabel LMS contains a label designer, an application builder, a document management system, an online printing system, an integrated printing system, a non-production environment and a modification and transport system. It can be scaled from five users to several thousand users, and can be expanded to remote locations, suppliers or contracted manufacturers.

Find out more about the label management complete system

Find the solution that fulfils your requirement in the best way

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