Not faster than 100 km/h
Maximum speed 100 km/h
This vehicle may no longer be driven
Cancellation sticker for law enforcement
The address sticker is secure
Address sticker + protective label
No permit to drive in Germany

All information about the product

Stickers for official use

Our product range includes stickers for marking vehicles, trailers, buses, driving licenses and documents.

  • 100 km/h sticker with and without impression of seal
  • Cancellation sticker for law enforcement
  • Address sticker for certificate of approval part I
  • D-sticker
  • Stickers for red license plate booklets and international approval certificate
  • cc sticker

Of course, the stickers that are affixed to the vehicles will withstand extreme weather conditions.

You can be certain that our stickers fulfil the legally prescribed requirements, some even go beyond this with additional forgery-proof and non-transferable features.

What can our stickers do?

  • We can equip the stickers for buses and trailers (100 km/h) with the impression of the seal (black or in colour) beforehand.
  • The windscreen stickers for taking vehicles out of service can be provided with an impression of your choice (text, address, telephone number of authority) and adhesive film on the front and/or the back, allowing the on-site law enforcement service to decide whether the sticker is readable from the outside or only the inside (data protection).
  • We can manufacture the deregistration stickers for the license plates in luminous red or orange colour with your individual impression. This makes it easier for the police to detect deregistered vehicles in flowing traffic.
  • The D sticker for the driving license is designed to be destroyed if an attempt is made to remove it. It can therefore not be illegally transferred.
  • We supply address stickers in different sizes and variants in the colour of the registration document part I, and also for the old vehicle registration certificate in white.

We would be pleased to send you our brochure in which we have compiled our entire range.
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Our order form and the forms for specifying the persons who are authorised for ordering and reception in your authority can also be downloaded here.

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