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Warning signs for vehicles – Witte makes you visible!


With us, you will get a wide range of warning signs and accessories based on the latest laws and regulations. As the manufacturer, we guarantee that our customers will receive consistently high quality “Made in Germany”.

Our sales employees would be pleased to help you with your inquiries!

Products “Made in Germany”

We guarantee our customers high quality “Made in Germany”. Furthermore, we continuously optimise our manufacturing process as a manufacturer and can adapt to the demands of our customers.

ADR standards in focus

Our product manager ensures that regulations and current laws are observed and integrated into the production process. Particularly in the area of ADR*, it is important to ensure that these criteria are being met, which we guarantee to our customers.
*European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road

TPESC approval for the use France

Our Form B / 285 x 285 mm parking warning signs have TPESC approval so that they are admitted for the use in France.

Innovative hinge technology for pivoting warning signs

For example, we have changed the previous hinges which were attached using spot welding to the new flanged hinges for security reasons. This effectively prevents the detachment of warning signs due to weak spot welds. This is extremely important with regard to product liability!

The advantage of the new hinge technology:

  • No material weakening due to rivet holes
  • Permanently stable!
  • Replaces welded hinge technology

Direct link and advice from customer service centre and field service

Our colleagues in the customer service centre are available for questions. A personal appointment with our sales representatives can also be arranged at your location at short notice.

Delivery within 48 hours

We guarantee quick delivery of our warehouse items within 48 hours. Special trips are possible at any time if necessary.

Custom-made products are possible

As a manufacturer, Witte has its own production plant and is able to realise custom-made products for our customers.

Product marking with EAN code – ready for the digital future

All of our products are marked with an EAN/GTIN code for easy identification.

Product catalogue – even available digitally at Witte

You will find all product groups (warning signs, warning markings, protective equipment and duct tape) in our extensive catalogue clearly shown with product photos, detailed descriptions and additional background information. Our catalogue is available in print and as a PDF file. With our catalogues, we would like to support you with the sale of Witte products in the area of vehicle safety and help so that your employees and customers have the option to get information about our product portfolio.

Do you have questions or want an offer? Would you like to order products or catalogues? We look forward to your call!

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ECE 70.01
Rearmarking for trailers / semitrailers
Rearmarking for trucks / tractors

Rearmarking acc. to ECE 70.01

Version 285 x 196 mm: Art. No.
70.01 AL small Aluminium, flat / set (4 pcs) 1300184

(for trailer / semitrailer) retroreflective: Yellow film RA3/C / red film fluorescent, type tested

Version 565 x 195 mm: Art. No.
70.01 AL flat Aluminium, flat 1300185
70.01 ALS flat Aluminium, smooth / set (2 pcs) 1300186
70.01 ALS flat Self-adhesive film 9900015
70.01 SF Self-adhesive film / set (2 pcs) 9900150
Version 1130 x 195 mm: Art. No.
70.01 AL long flat Aluminium, flat 1300215
70.01 SF long Self-adhesive film 9900025

Rearmarking acc. to ECE 70.01 Chevron

(for heavy goods vehicles / tractors) retroreflective: Yellow film RA3/C, red film fluorescent, type tested

Version 565 x 130 mm: Art. No.
70.01 Chevron AL Aluminium smooth, pointing to right 1300065
70.01 Chevron ALL Aluminium smooth, pointing to left 1300075
70.01 Chevron AS Aluminium glatt, set (left and right) 1300085
70.01 Chevron SF Self-adhesive film, pointing to right 9900045
70.01 Chevron SF Self-adhesive film, pointing to left 9900035
70.01 Chevron SF Self-adhesive film, set (left and right) 9900055
Ausführung 1130 x 132 mm: Artikel-Nr.
70.01 Chevron AL Aluminium smooth 1300095