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On the road internationally
International driver’s licence
Driving licence for transporting passengers
Driving licence for transporting passengers
For secure delivery of the driving license
Self-adhesive film pocket for sending

All information about the product

Documents for the driving license authority

Our product range includes all of the documents required in the driving license authority.

These include:

  • International driving licenses from 1968 and 1926
  • Driving licence for transporting passengers.
  • Applications
  • Medical/opticians certificates/references
  • Orders, hearings, assessments
  • Fire brigade driving licenses
  • Staplers for stapling the international driving license
  • D-sticker
  • Transparent pockets for sending the driving license

Do you require a document that isn’t listed here? Just talk to us! We are guaranteed to be able to help you with our many years of experience and draw up a quotation for your application.

Since we check our products at regular intervals, you can also be sure that the products fulfil all legal requirements.

Overview of your advantages

  • All documents/forms can be equipped with your authority impression and individually required text.
  • We can supply the international driving license in 2 variants: -according to the agreement of 08.11.1968 (8 pages) -according to the agreement of 24.04.1926 (32 pages)
  • The international driving license is available stapled or not stapled (better printability). You can also obtain a stapler from us for non-stapled variants.
  • We can supply the passenger transportation driving license in two material variants: – Yellow Neobond security paper for forgery prevention, yellow with watermark and UV characteristic, extremely tear-resistant
  • The D sticker for the driving license is destroyed if an unauthorised removal attempt is made and is therefore non-transferable.
  • The self-adhesive transparent pocket for sending the driving license prevents losses and mix-ups involving driving licenses.

We would be pleased to send you our brochure in which we have compiled our entire range.
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To open the pdf brochure, please click on the corresponding authority.

Our order form and the forms for specifying the persons who are authorised for ordering and reception in your authority can also be downloaded here.

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