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Upgrade to 3D stickers
Upgrade to 3D stickers
Upgrade to 3D stickers
Upgrade to 3D stickers
plusdome®-label "Passion"
Passion 3D label
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Liebherr 3D lettering

All information about the product

plusdome® labels – extremely effective in advertising due to eye-catching 3D effect!

The polyurethane coating gives the plusdome® labels an eye-catching 3D effect, making them extremely effective in advertising. The labels can be completely or partially raised, e.g. for company logos, and free-standing lettering is also possible.

Because of this “raised” surface refinement with crystal clear artificial resin, your product will also have outstanding resistance to the effects of the weather and chemicals. The mechanical resistance of the labels to abrasion also sets standards.

Characteristics of plusdome® 3D labels:

  • Self-adhesive with many different adhesion variants
  • UV light and weather resistant.
  • Flexible: three different degrees of hardness are available (soft, medium, hard)
  • Extremely durable: usually lasts for 5 to 10 years
  • Temperature resistant from -40° C to +150° C
  • Coating thickness of 1.6 to 2.8 mm
  • Many possibilities with regard to printing, punching and cutting size

The plusdome® 3D labels give you the following advantages:

  • Product enhancement due to extremely high-quality appearance
  • Extremely well protected from the effect of the weather
  • Flexible in terms of quantity
  • Almost unlimited number of shapes and colours
  • Permanent plasticity and three-dimensionality

Typical application areas of plusdome® 3D labels

  • Ideal for visually demanding product markings for applications indoors and outdoors, also with high levels of stress (furniture, point of sale conveyor belts, vehicle registration plates, sanitary equipment etc.)
  • Ideal for use in the technical industry and for consumable goods (e.g. vehicles, tools and household utensils)
  • On promotional gifts, souvenirs, sales items etc.
  • Any case where interest is to be awakened in a product and a lasting impression needs to be made

The material structure of plusdome® 3D labels

Surface material: Polyurethane liquid plastic, transparent or coloured
Carrier material: Depending on usage area (e.g. polyester, PVC, aluminium)
Adhesive: Individually coordinated with the respective subsurface

The test results:

  • Moisture-resistant
  • Salt water resistant
  • Resistant to aggressive liquids: oil / turpentine / diesel oil / antifreeze (no effect if immersed)

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