Nine Witte runners covered a total of 126.585 km (3 marathon distances) at the 18th Münster Marathon held on September 8th. In ideal weather, with runner-friendly temperatures of 16 °C, little wind and no rain, a total of 9,311 running enthusiasts from 46 countries joined the starting line.

For the Witte Group, individual starter Daniel Niemann mastered the full distance of 42.195 km in 5:11 hours. The two four-man teams, that ran with the names “Runs as Printed” and “Print Electric Runners”, achieved 217th place in 3:46 hours and 139th in 3:38 hours, respectively, out of a total of 1,456 teams, capping off a great performance.

In addition to Daniel Niemann, as runners on the last section of the course Simon Schmitz-Heinen and Manuel Leander Gersitz also enjoyed the outstanding atmosphere at the famed Münster Prinzipalmarkt’s finish line.

We congratulate all participants on this success!

The race certificates are linked below:

Volksbank Münster Marathon
Daniel Niemann (certificate)

Fiducia und GAD Relay Marathon
Relay team 1 (certificate)
Bernd Altmann
Jonas Schmitz-Heinen
Ruben Schmitz-Heinen
Simon Schmitz-Heinen

Relay team 2 (certificate)
Jan Kerkering
Semion Borisov
David Wassermann
Manuel Leander Gersitz

Save the date: The next Münster Marathon will take place on 13 September 2020.