Witte Group corporate code

Company code

Adherence to the law
We are committed to adhering to all of the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

Ban on corruption and bribery
No form of corruption or bribery is permitted in any phase of our business activities. All active and passive forms of bribery must be avoided.

Human rights
We are committed to adhering to international human rights within our sphere of influence.

Forced labour
We reject any form of forced labour within our company and the companies of our business partners.

Child labour
We reject child labour within our company and the companies of our business partners.

Discrimination and respect for others
We want to provide workplaces which are free from discrimination and harassment because of gender, race, skin colour, religion, age, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation. The employees within our company deserve mutual respect.

Remuneration and working hours
We recognise the right of our employees to appropriate remuneration and adhere to the legally guaranteed minimum wages in the respective labour markets. We observe the respective applicable regulations concerning working hours in all of our companies.

Relationship with employees and employee representatives
We respect the right of our employees to freedom from coalitions. Irrespective of this, we always make it possible for our employees to report their concerns directly.

Compatibility of work and family
We are a family-run company. By means of family-friendly measures, we make a contribution to increasing the satisfaction and motivation of our employees and therefore the performance capability of our company.

Health and safety
We want to create a safe and healthy working environment which fulfils or exceeds the relevant health and safety standards at the workplace. We want to prevent workplace-related injuries and occupational illnesses by taking suitable measures.

Employee development
We regard the development of our employees as an important investment in the future of our company. As well as the development of technical skills, we also pay attention to developing social and methodical skills.

Responsibility for the environment
We have a powerful environment management system at all of our production sites worldwide, which we improve continuously. The minimum requirements are adherence to the local environmental protection laws and the specification of the Witte Technology GmbH environment management system. We collaborate with our business partners and suppliers in practising our responsibility to the environment.

Conflicts of interests, gifts and bribery attempts
We are obliged not to accept gifts or hold stakes in companies which could lead to a conflict of interests. It is particularly important for bribes or other illegal payments not to be offered, provided or accepted.

We encourage our suppliers to introduce and implement similar social responsibility principles in their companies wherever possible.

We expect every employee to feel personally responsible for adhering to this company code, and help their colleagues to adhere to it as well. The company management is responsible for implementing these principles. They are a constituent of our rules and regulations.