On 8/1/2019, the Witte Group welcomed seven new apprentices for the training occupations industrial clerk (2), media technology screen printing (4) and warehouse logistics specialist (1). We are particularly pleased about the commitment of four young ladies in the field of screen printing, which – due to its technical orientation – tends to be more male-dominated.

Through continuous development of the training program, we ensure that our apprentices feel at home and receive first-class instruction. We are particularly proud of our trainee ratio of almost 10%. This ratio corresponds to the share of apprentices among the total workforce and reflects our high level of commitment as a training company – something worth mentioning!

All in all, the Witte Group can look back on a very successful training history: many of our colleagues laid their career foundations from training here. Good reasons to choose an apprenticeship at Witte!

By the way: giving equal weight to vocational and academic education has become possible via higher vocational education. Specialist and management positions can also be achieved with dual training!

Further information about our apprenticeship offers can be found on the career page of our website. We also are looking for new talent in 2020!